At our Nursery in Rochester, our staff are all highly qualified with years of experience to ensure your child receives the best quality standard of care at all times. Our staff maintain high levels of training so that we are always on top of the latest knowledge available.


We are fully committed to ensuring your child receives the best quality care and learning experience at all times. We keep our pricing simple and affordable to ensure as many parents have access to our service as possible.


Our staff have years of experience in this field, one member of our team has been here for in excess of 26 years! We are also committed to helping new members of the team gain new skills and are proud to say that one of our apprentices has recently achieved their full qualification.

Founded in 1996

Established Nursery in Rochester

Top of the Hill Pre-School is a family run business which was first established in 1996. Our staff are all qualified to the highest standard and with years of experience are best placed to ensure your child is in the best hands at all times.

Talk to our friendly team today to see how we could structure a child care package at our Nursery in Rochester around your children’s needs. Our sessions start from only £5.30 per session and we are committed to being flexible to work around your family’s personal needs.

We structure all of our learning around the needs of your child on a personal basis. Our team are trained to observe your child during play and step in with the correct learning techniques to make sure your child is moving along the correct learning path for them.

We provide an Online Learning Journal which you are able to access through an App or Browser to add photos, videos to show what your child has been doing at home or family celebrations which supports their ongoing learning.

Speak to us today for more information.

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Our Benefits

Our vision as a leading Nursery in Rochester is to make sure every child receives the best quality child care at an affordable price at all times. Our sessions start from just £5.30 per session to ensure we are available to help as many families as possible. We look at 3 key areas when it comes to your child’s learning. Communications and language, personal and social emotional development, and physical development.

We will help your child to build their confidence with vocabulary through conversation, supporting them to express their wants & needs and learn new words in preparation for them starting school. We will spend time supporting your child to understand their emotions and provide them with the tools to help them in self-regulating their emotions.

  • Productive Learning

    Our learning is child-led, meaning we will observe your child as an individual and tailor the learning to your child's specific needs.

  • Safe Enviroment

    Our friendly team are highly qualified to provide a safe environment for your child at all times. Children are also educated on dangers and risks as part of their learning package.

  • Qualified Staff

    All of our staff are qualified to the highest standard and regularly update their learning so that all of their knowledge is current and correct.

  • Caring Staff

    At our Nursery in Rochester, all of our staff have years of experience and love working with children, we care for the needs of each individual child which is why we tailor our care packages to your child's specific needs.

Our team will help your child understand safety & risks which in turn will build on their resilience and confidence so that in the future they will be more confident and willing to try out new things


What Parents Say

We are always happy to receive good feedback from parents, please see some recent feedback below.

How We Work

Parent Partnerships

It is important for us and parents to have a strong and respectful partnership. This sets the scene for children to thrive in the early years. This includes listening regularly to our parents and giving parents clear information about their children’s progress. We know that the help that parents give their children at home has a very significant impact on their learning. We also recognise that some children get much less support at home than others. By knowing and understanding all the children and their families, we are able to offer extra help to those who need it most. We also understand the importance to encourage all parents to chat, play and read with their children

Fun Activities

The children always have access to an outdoor play area and a wide variety of play experiences. We also offer messy/sensory play options as well as a fantastic array of open-ended natural resources for the children to use as they wish

Our Safety Rules

Safety is a number on priority at our Nursery in Rochester. Our staff are highly qualified and are Paediatric First Aid trained and undergo regular Safeguarding and Child Protection training.

Communication and Languages

Our team will observe your child and engage in conversation designed to build confidence and vocabulary to equip them with the tools needed to help in the future with their reading and writing skills.

Personal and Social Emotion

We will work to understand your child’s emotions. What makes them feel angry or upset? We will equip your child with the emotional tools needed to ensure they can regulate their own emotions and learn how to share in an appropriate manor.

Physical Development

Critical thinking and learning about dangers and risks is key to a child’s physical development, we will work with each child individually to ensure they work to their full potential with confidence.

Facts About our Nursery in Rochester

Top of the Hill Pre-School is committed to providing en excellent environment for your child to reach their full potential. We regularly review progression and provide you, the parents, with updates and information so that we can work together as a learning team.

Funding & Prices

Talk to a member of our friendly and professional team today to see what financing options may be available to you.

Did you know you could qualify for up to 30 hours funded child care per week? Tax free child care options and payment plans are also available, if you require any help with this please feel free to give us a call.

Our Goals - Nursery in Rochester

Our Mission Statement (INTENT)

Our aim is to provide an interesting, stimulating and motivating environment where children have the opportunities to have varying experiences where they can build on their continual learning and development.

We endeavour to use this through our INTENT, our IMPLEMENTATION and through assessing the IMPACT we as early years educators and the environment (the 3rd teacher) has on the children’s learning and development.

We are dedicated to ensuring the child is the centre of our work.  In order to make this real, our ambition is to nurture good relationships with all the parents and carers whilst acknowledging them as the child’s first and most significant educators. 

We believe that a relationship between home and the Nursery will benefit the child and allow them to have the best possible experiences in their foundational early years.

Our teaching method at our Nursery in Rochester


We provide an environment that is sympathetic, tolerant and supportive of all the children.

realising that they are all unique and have different needs. The inside and outside enabling environments, being the ‘third’ teacher, provide age-appropriate activities and resources in these areas that will challenge the children’s thinking, arouse their curiosity and provide the children with the opportunities to explore the world using their 5 senses.

The environment and teaching support meaningful learning. Consistently reviewing and making the necessary changes enable the children to move their learning forward. Observing every situation and seeing the potential for learning.
(IMPACT) The adults in the setting scaffold the children’s learning through their teaching and interventions ensuring that they are supporting the children in their needs and the next steps in their learning and development.

Through Observing, Assessing and planning we review the children’s attainment and progress to ensure that there is consistent high levels of learning and involvement evident.

As a team we constantly evaluate our practice and the environments to ensure that it is age and developmentally appropriate, supporting all children’s needs and making that impact on their ongoing learning and development.

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